What To Text Your Ex To Get Him Back


With no troubles, the customer can very easily drive concept for their exes. Heres an answer for the giggles question. This is a call for intimacy. Again by teasing and making them want you without being too obvious, still building the curiosity in their mind. I have a modern phone, never a problem with verizon or phone prior. Next morning he told me i pay for everything but you pay for all the food and drinks. What are some of the more difficult exercises to do inside text your ex back.

Text Your Ex Back
Text Your Ex Back

It may seem a tiny bit funny in which you will discover a great quantity of men and women who look to surely need their individual ex boyfriend as perfectly as girlfriend back again. See how these dirty texts were explicit and descriptive and took the ordinary and made it dirty and sexy. Be someone that always puts a smile on other people’s faces and it will improve all your relationships. Accept that it’s over. I texted him casually 'slept' he replied to the text and wished me belatedly.

Text Your Ex Back
Text Your Ex Back

Examples of texting your ex back first most if to be able to still not come the actual break-up incident then first let your heartaches come out by crying in your locked bedroom or lavatorie. The best way to do this is to text them every now and then. If you want to try the steps outlined to get your ex back. For example, when i called verizon, they claimed that i could recover text messages if i had synced my iphone to verizon’s cloud service. Believe, your relationship and getting your ex back is just a little. They don't like to open up first, especially women aquarius. It's very easy to follow, actionable and more importantly.

Text Your Ex Back
Text Your Ex Back

He’s been on the rachael ray talk show where he took the breath away of every woman in the crowd while he read his text message tips. Download iphone text message recovery (both mac and win). Text your ex back how to get back an ex. Michael will also show you some texts that you must not send to your ex. Nothing clears the good ole noggin like taking a stroll. In a sense, you are simply planting a seed and letting your ex’s own thoughts, insecurities, emotions, and imagination take over. You need to get out of the house and have fun. Some guys flirt with you, but may not like you because most guys aren't just interested in one girl.

Text Your Ex Back
Text Your Ex Back

Text your ex back michael fiore–micheal fiore’s text your ex back pdf. Your plan determines if and when you're charged for messages. Why did he not text back goodnight. I'm glad you asked because actually, yes, there are. You can preview the file one after another before recovery. “my mother is dead today because [the] ray family neglected her,” ray’s cousin gina mesnick told the ­national enquirer. To a guy, your steady stream of consciousness through text screams, “look at me. Things to say to win your ex backthings to say to win your ex back let leave yourself incredibly. Currently there is no option to change currency. I mean, they have to be the one to do it, right.

Text Your Ex Back
Text Your Ex Back

Love is simply a gift of blessing.   but no obligation to see your ex in the process). If you’re at the movies, does he lean towards you. It’s playful, and it could start a conversation that will last for hours. Note: you'll get a totally new device when your device is erased completely, or you can get your data from itunes or icloud backup. They may want to think about it for a while. Then i remembered your favourite name, and i named it like that. You’re wondering, “i understand how to send the first text message and end it.

Text Your Ex Back
Text Your Ex Back

Or you might get your friends' help crafting a text that incorporates a gif practically made for that moment, only to get no response at all. Well i’m just curious if i should text him asking how he is doing or just continue to lean back to see if he will come forward again or do i iniitate the convo. The next day she wud say that the girl is my girlsfriend and all of that and wenever we go to the program she wud ask if i'm goin and say to walk with her and her friend (another girl). "saw a copy of titanic on dvd and reminded me of you. Send your crush flirty texts.

Text Your Ex Back
Text Your Ex Back

You had the love of your life but you blew it- so what do you do now. How text your ex back works. I love you so much good night sweet dreams" then adda heart a kissy face and a wink. Text something vague and noncommittal--wait no. It saves a lot of mistakes and problems in a relationship. N when i 1st met him, he kept pokin me on my waist n it was  annoying. Confessing over texts or social networking site will not get you any thumbs up by your crush. This is probably the scariest of all the quotes i have tackled, from a practical standpoint. I’m glad yoy are making the most out if it.

It may just be a slight caress on your arm, or her leg may casually bump against yours, but you get the idea. The only thing you're driving is driving me crazy. Well the other day me and him went to a dance and he asked me out and i said yes. I was floored by their openness, and the expanse of human emotions and experiences on display. And then, i am sure that he has liked me before, but i don't know if he still does. I’m not saying i want my exes to suffer a major tragedy, but i definitely want them to be far less happy and successful than i am. Today we actually talked for the first time.

Lame texts like: “hi, what’s up. Text him to wish him/her a happy birthday (way more personal) and invite him/her for coffee. Use this kind of texts if you and your ex are already talking for a while using text messages, and use it carefully. The ‘cutting off all communication’ text. He also highlights you to the concept of “text judo” which is the cornerstone regarding his system. Text your ex back dashboard in private member’s area. You’re a little slow and you’re probably from poland. Make sure your crush starts the conversation at some point. If you take it straight among the vampire himself, than are going to able to follow you far easier.

He said he wasnt going so i went to chill with my friends. At the end of the day, only you will know what the right thing to do is. There are actually a few different ways to recover deleted texts.      i think that any guys that don't want a relationship and calls the bond you guys have,"friends with benefits" then he is just using u. The second step in the recovery is re-connecting to your true self.

Text the romance back again and gasoline their enthusiasm for you how to get text the romance again- can you truly insert spark and passion back again to your partnership at the push of a button do you think you dont have time for romance. * according to text your ex back review, michael fiore suggests you to. Additionally you will also get the audio version of the product so that you can use your mp3 player or ipod or a smartphone to listen to the audio while you are on the move. But sometimes, life gets in the way of your relationship. How could i practice self-restraint and let a new budding romance unfold more naturally, without tracking that person’s every social media footprint as if i was on some sort of hunt for the cyber version of bigfoot.

Then, when you do see each other face to face again, a fight or argument will be much less likely,” says stevenson. Especially with someone you like. But the messages on our iphone inbox are easily gone for various unpredicted reasons, like wrong deletion, jailbreak, unsuccessful ios upgrade, or factory settings restore, etc. How to get my ex back through text some guys give excuses like this isnt me and blah. So what does an unanswered text mean.

Example: "i just saw this great romantic comedy yesterday evening with a friend. The ‘i had a dream’ text. 12) anything that can later cause a lot of regret. Seriously, if i make it, he gags and whines like a little girl. In situation finished the appropriate way, you will not repent snorkeling immediately into this modern type of discussion to find the job done. Right-click on the white space inside the conversation window, then hit "clear chat transcript. And after lunch my and my friend would always go outside and get basketballs and throw them at the wall and catch them. This program comes in downloadable pdfs, videos, and you can access this program through online member’s area. This is where you become serious with your text and let them know about your feelings for them. If you own an android phone, we have a specific article about how to block sms on android.

You also must ask your self whether or not you’d be texting your ex back for the genuine purpose that you sincerely want them back so that it is possible to attempt and rebuild what the two of you had. So you can have the support you need to achieve your goal self image. I must warn you use this word just the slight bit of the wrong way and everything will back fire on you. Does text your ex back by simply michael fiore really work. My girlfriend wont text me back your post-breakup regimen, or you'll backslide quickly into a hopless shut-in. Text to get your ex back. Using text messages to get your ex boyfriend back can be one of the using text messages to get your ex boyfriend she will text me begging to come back.

Like i said, this is optional to include in your own conversation ender but i like putting it in because you can kind of have an in to text him again on day two of this process. Then, when he comes inside. Text judo is just one of the many texting techniques michael fiore teaches in his program. 2, recover text messages on iphone 6s/6/5/4 via itunes backup. Also, remember, women have purses. Now, i outline how to build rapport like ten times better in the texting bible but i am going to do my best for you here. They are terrible texts to send to your ex girlfriend.

To face rejection from your crush in dreams indicate anxieties and insecurities of life. A permanent copy of the retrieval programs on your desktop is a good investment in the interest of the invaluable data stored on your smartphone. If he/she doesn't, it's crap and your ex will be like "stop sending me this s.   make sure you continue with the topic further in order to make things look real and natural. I know he still loves me and cares about me.

You're at a party and another guy starts flirting with you. Not all the text messages will suit everyone. My text your ex back review: it does not work. 4 kitkat, but adjusting time/date settings on other android devices will be very similar. We have complicated ways of connecting that didn't exist 20 years ago, and many of our conversations with romantic partners happen via text message. ) the ex whose name appears as an autocorrection in your phone. However, i don’t really trust him. Wishers is that you must find a way to get over him.

“when we were at that party on saturday, you spent the whole night talking to other people.

How To Get Back Your Ex Girlfriend Through Text

Here's one example of a mike fiore text your ex back "across the bow text message" example below:. The gy i like is a year older and we live in 2 different places. I had been closed off emotionally due to an ex and i couldn’t control the pain. “my girlfriend texts me too much. I want a hot girlfriend text to, will do a lot of the work to make her want to hang out, and as soon girlfrined she wants to hang out, then arranging to meet should be very easy. If you wish to find out more about this product click the link text your ex back. Text, but not too many times. Almost all iphone users have more or less important messages on their iphone, maybe the chat history with friends, messages with important info, audio, videos, photos, voice memo, and other attached data and files that you keep for reusing in the near future. What better way to keep your crush’s mind on you than to hang out with him or her before you leave and remind him or her how awesome you are.

And if they say no, i don't like (your friends name here) have your friend ask them who they do like. (even if you're the only one trying, right now). But yeah, i guess that was a bit unrealistic. Text your ex back (txb) system started. I’ve picked up on all the signs everyone says to look for in a guy that’s interested in you. Text your ex back rachael ray show which world of retail using computer monitoring software to learn what theyre doing on total will enable you to find out if they are with another man. Of course, men and women are different, and what works for girls definitely doesn’t work for guys.

You might try calling her 5 or 6. Chose the best statement that describes how you communicate. Text your ex back is surely an ebook that you can download and read which often educates you step-by-step on the way for you to make the most of sms messages to be able to re-unite with the ex girlfriend or boyfriend after the broken relationships. “happy bday, i hope you are having fun. Text your ex back contains several steps that are easy to understand and simple enough to follow. Find out if you can get copies from the other person you were messaging. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, simply. Michael will ask you to do a little “homework” before sending these and i urge you to do as he asks as it will make coming up with great texts a ton easier. When you receive a text message you want archived online at treasuremytext, just forward it to this phone number.

How To Get Your Ex To Text You Back

Why this is an awesomely cute text message: this romantic text message tells him that you care about his feelings more than your own. I have tried visiting different sites but i am unable to recover my text messages…. Similarly if we cut the cone along xy-plane, we get a circle. There can be hundreds of details to perfect and decisions to make, even with the simplest ceremony. He thinks i’m awesome, funny and a good person.

And i remained the cool chick, always correct in my answers, and never flirty. Not everyone can get their desires. If we’re chained to our phone, we may assume that they are too. Less than an hours use and i used 2 gb of data and there is no argument. In the first module, michael fiore introduces himself. Under this scenario, the best thing to text your ex is mostly likely what michael fiore, author of the super cool text your ex back texting guide, refers to as “across the bow texts” or “curiosity pivots”. Instead, i shared with him the things that i really enjoyed, like traveling and writing. But i have never hounded him with texts asking him why no reply or what he was up to and i am not about to start. But it’s not time to sit around the house crying and feeling sorry for yourself, folks.

Then this is the training course that is said to be aimed at you. Sadly, it appears my impulsivity in deleting texts is the same characteristic that foiled me when i purchased the app. Step 5: preview and recover text messages from your android device. In the last section of the introduction, mike talks about his 30 day no contact rule and why it’s so important to the program. Why would you delete me. Don’t ignore her, but do make sure that you have a life outside of her. For this reason, one of the most annoying things you can do is send your crush a text to complain about how long it takes them to respond (if they text back at all. It especially won’t work if you want a relationship with this person. If you only deleted the conversation, rather than individual messages, you should compose a new message to the same person (same number/email/group of contacts) and see if the message history is retrieved for you (it often is). This iphone data recovery software can download, scan your icloud backup file on computer and recover iphone text messages from icloud backup easily.

Relationships are not essential in life so don’t feel pressured into getting a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Text Your Ex Back Michael Fiore

Remember, it’s just a text. Michael fiore’s green eyed monster texts (or gem texts as they are sometimes called) use jealousy and social proof in a positive way to build attraction with your ex. Feeling needy is another problem when it comes to texting. Anyway, i really happy for the past near 6 months, i appreciate it much. What they don't get is that you can tell they took the time to a) remember the dream and b) text you about it. (we’re not counting the powerfully ugly ones. You need to put as much distance between the two of you as you possibly can. Imagine trying promote to young children why youre covered in cuts and scars. We recently bought and read through text your ex back by michael fiore and think that this guide can help you get your relationship back and have text messages help you get there.

Emoticons are great for occasional flirtation, but don't overuse them. So what is this number 1 principle. Text your ex back also includes the module facebook romance secrets. This is the reason why i decided to write a review of michael fiore’s text your ex back system. In fact, they are stored in plain text, and you actually can read them in any text editor. Ego or to get rid of the pain of loss.

To get a quick ego stroke. Shockingly, when you are in this mental state you are likely going to send miserable, energetic, enraged or inert powerful messages to your ex through text. Then check those you want and click recover button. This is the first text you can send to get started…. Text your ex back is very professional and provides customers with top of the line advice that michael himself had to use before. That’s exactly what michael fiore tells you to do here. I wasnt going to text him because i figured if he wanted to talk to me, he would have by now. Says that he wants to be with me all the time but he sure isnt showing that he wants to be with me. F(x,y) = x^2  y + c_1(y).

” you know what i didn’t do.

Text Your Ex Back Free Examples

If so, you have uncovered its way to the right position we are going to go over in regards to what precisely is michael fiore texts your ex, text your ex back examples and in which to get text your ex back again michael fiore totally free torrent. I told him i wasn’t at my apartment near our college, or i’m would and we got off on a trigger he just had. I told him i’m the one who is confused bc we haven’t been in contact how does he know i do things backwards. Texting him first all the time. Stop and think about it. I have a crush that i'm pretty sure likes me back (judging by the way she acts around me) but i do have a tendency to "explode" with anger,not that i can't control it, i just can only take it to a certain point before i go off. He could prove to be a terrible friend, or have no clue of how to make you happy. You've probably heard of mike fiore becausehe's kind of a celebrity.

Every alley and every nook of this city reverberates text your ex back free examples with the rhythms of some kind of bring your ex back spell music. Gradually you’ll start believing it again. I honestly think she is, she gets defensive and then becomes sarcastic at these types of cheating questions. Girl`s love this stuff. We became intimate that night but we couldn’t have penetrative sex because he’d forgotten to buy condoms.

After some time, when you get to know them then you may share your inner feelings with them. I've liked this guy since second grade and recently i've been thinking that he very well may be the guy that was made for me. How to text your ex back examplesfree information on how to get an ex back. ) and put some smileys in your message. Do not wait for him to text you first. Make it clear to your child that your role as a parent involves keeping them safe and happy and that monitoring their messages will help you to do so. The day after i asked him out, he said "becky. For example, some texts are used to open the lines of communication with your ex when you haven't talked to him or her for awhile and others can evoke positive thoughts and memories or even spark a bit of jealousy. - quick way to search iphone. If your relationship recently ended, be very careful.

Worldwide, get the fuck up. Wait for your device to be detected by the android sms recovery app.

When Your Ex Texts You Back

What if she starts dating and i regret not talking to her all my life. But then two hours, three hours, and then four hours. Let me tell you straight – if an ex wants to get back together with you, they won’t pull down your pants first. A text message is often the best place to start with communicating with your ex. He gives you straight-forward, powerful tips for gaining that girl or guy back to come back to you. After just a few carefully-planned outings and some majorly sexy texts (where i. Part 3: how to restore deleted messages on iphone via icloud backup. Green eyed monster text- mr. You are likely to be educated the precise forms of texts or messages to deliver to get the ex-back again.

Evaluate the volume of r. Customer: it is so hard to try and figure out. I want to make sure you are okay with everything before that. Corona's ex-boyfriend started talking to me. I want you i like you a lot i desire you a lot. This guide also provides you strategies to handle exceptions like what to do if your ex is not responding to messages. You must make positive changes in your behaviour, your habits and way of thinking. They are simply marked as “deleted”, to be written over by new texts.

The deleted attachment recovery screen in decipher textmessage. You leave him chasing you. It seems he’s interested, but his texting skills are questionable. Eight things a guy really means when he doesn’t answer your texts: . Would that be brave or a big mistake. It's more convenient for you to view the messages on your iphone than on your computer. It's full of free information that will help you get started on the path of getting back with your ex lover.

Then i messaged him again and we start having regular conversations.

What To Text Your Ex To Get Him Back

Also, weather conditions could add extra costs to your outdoor wedding plans. It clears a lot of doubts and answers many questions that you’d otherwise have never gotten answers to. This section clearly tells you what to text and when to text. In terms of creating the relationship strong, our carrier is 2d to none. Ok, so i have a friend who is a guy. With this ending, you are gently signalling that you are going to contact him again in the future. Again, take your time with this; build up to it, it’s not going to happen overnight, and you don’t want to scare her off. Here’s a small list of 8 reasons why you should strongly consider text messaging if you’re looking for a way to get your ex back. It is also a very good idea to do this for security purposes, as if you have your mobile phone stolen, or lose it, then at least you have an up to date record of your old messages.

When done wrong, its impact will be more heart-breaking than a phone conversation or an in person meet-up. Even if he wouldn't date her, even if he wouldn't sleep with her, he has emotional support that is likely turning him from you. The most important advantage that the program provide is the point that is incredibly easy to implement. Sweet text message samplessweet text message samples anything that the boyfriend or girlfriend does online you will be able to see, including any communications with other men or women. And that he’s neutral. He may have some bad news, such as a family bereavement, or he may have been sent on a last-minute work trip. Need her this much, you have no chance of ever. (cause he's a senior in high school and i'm an 8th grader, but i'm the same age as a freshmen in high school so i'm supposed to be in high school). Some situations may come up where you just want to flood all your passion into the power of the text and get uber girly.

How to get a boyfriend in high school yahoo to tell you. We get along well and we can laugh and talk with each other easily. Get back texts from itunes backups. In one year i will beable to go to a prom. He then in return should tell you his number so you can add him as a contact on your phone.

So what’s an example of a text your ex back text message. After installation, connect your iphone to pc and start the iphone data recovery software.

Text Your Ex Back Review

Ansari suggests avoiding the generic "what's up. This is not a date, just a casual meeting to talk and spend some time together. He said he had not expected to fall for me and it had taken him by surprise coz he was not looking for a girlfriend. I’ll just put my phone down. I rarely see my crush in real life as he is in another school but for a time we were actually close friends until we had a terrible fight and we never talked after that.

This is why i want to send him a text to just ask why we’ve stopped talking, so that i can get closure and move on if he wants it to stop here. In contrast, the interior is nicely thought out. One of the major advantages of the. A pop-up window with a ruler appears. The power of your words: rekindle your lost love via text messaging. It is called male psychology that a can use to her advantage. I’d rather spend time with each other in person.

However, even if you are this desperate, you still have to maintain your calm and composure and will need to observe the necessary amount of tact if you really want to succeed in getting him back. Hold your emotions in whenever you are around him or talking to him. Once again, thank you sir, you are really as great as my friend told me. Ifonebox is a professional and powerful ios data recovery, which is helpful to recover your erased texts, contacts, notes, reminders, photos, calendars, safari bookmarks, voice memos, call history. Text your ex back review of michael fiore's 2. The day after we went out again and i happen to stay at his place, he wanted to hookup that night but i said no and he was ok with that but in the morning it so happens to be, yes we hookup. On the iphone, select settings > apple id (this will be your name at the top) > icloud > then press the green toggle switch next to "messages" on the right side of the screen to turn messages off. Step 1: run the program and choose mode for recovering. I just feel he's got me right where he wants me. Iphone 4s how do i go back to the very first text that someone sent me without loading earlier messages.

This text your ex back review ensures that there are many people who managed to get back with their ex-partners in the best way and continued their lives as if the break up had never happened. And for people who don't back up their data often, or who delete their text messages after last backup, in this situation you can use "recover from itunes backup" of imyfone d-back to preview and extract messages from itunes selectively. We have not text since friday morning and he hasn’t called.

Rachael Ray Text Your Ex Back

Playing beck's old single on that ipod dock and. I know i'm going to meet him next friday probably because we're playing at someother school and please please tell me what to do coz thats pretty much the only chance i have. You can look at it by simply research expression michael fiore textual content your ex again rachael ray. Make sure you send as few texts as you can, with less words, though weighty in love. And then they end in break ups or divorce. Text your ex back on rachael ray - text your ex back kajabi dashboard confessional hands. In an ideal world you will start conversations with your ex 50% of the time and he will start conversations with you 50% of the time. It’s eating me inside. You can even personalize your messages with animated effects, imessage apps, and more—all within the messages app.

So be that one person in her life that makes her smile. "when i text a girl and she doesn't text me back for 30 minutes or 45 minutes, it drives me nuts," he told us. If you think he or she is cute, let them know. Guide him my way again. How dr eboehi the great spell caster help bring back my ex lover: husband. As i sucked mikes cock deep into my mouth i slide my finger into his ass. Text your ex back is usually extremely full of effective content. The text gives no indication of how this was done, or how they came by the skins.

Text your ex back rachael ray - save marriage free. Could you please give me some advice i been friend with this guy for 7 years met him online we never meet yet. So let's assume you did that and sent a good "across the bow" text to get the ball rolling. The creepy way: that same text but your crush never gave you their number. The deficiency of ambiguity and the clearness of goal are what make the program so effective. If you weren't already friends on facebook, there's no reason to take that step now. Retrieve deleted texts from a backup without overwriting your iphone.

The right text can bring amazing results.

Text Your Ex Back Login

I have to actually initiate the conversations now, and i get really nervous when i start talking to him now. Text your ex logintext your ex login and the characters in this particular show tend to be interesting and intriguing. The logo for this module is a target. Remember you will have a user name and password to login to the text your ex back site. Some useful tips when using samsung galaxy s6 text messages recovery. Text your ex back member login if you are looking for information, description, features, and customer reviews. Your just setting yourself up for major man failure in your future. Humiliation is pretty much a guaranteed mood-killer.

Flickr uses ajax-technology extensively, so no page reloading occurs. I’m always in whatsapp literally 24/7. That text could possibly get you fired from your job. If you buy after clicking an affiliate hyperlink you will end up entitled to the bonus offer. The situation between you two will likely feel a bit awkward for one or both of you. I sometimes wonder if my boyfriend loves me but now i am certain that he does. And today on the bus he sat next to me when there were other open seats. Now im very shy too and im not going to go and ask him, i just want to know and ill go from there. Oh well, lets just jump right into the game plan.

         avoiding the awkward feeling to text your ex. Love paragraphs for girlfriend textlove paragraphs for girlfriend text loose even though wide such jeans are necessarily loose, but no way they require to be wide legged. If you get rejected, just smile and say, "well, i'm glad to know at least. [1] depending on who your crush is and what they're like, this can get you into some flirtatious conversations. But maybe instead of trying to be sneaky and childish, you two can act like adults, and. I’d sent him a text telling him that i loved spending time with him, that things were going good, but that i wasn’t sure what he was looking for, was he looking to be in a relationship or just to have someone to “sleep with”. And you ain't jeff dunham, but you can jump on my stick. We now mention in detail the ways in which the deleted contacts can be recovered.

Should You Text Your Ex Back

Text your ex back examples michael fiore - save marriage new york. Then, look around impatiently and dramatically. When they see there’s a text,. He thought that after he kissed another girl he could come crawling back and i would say i still love him even though he made me feel like shit, ha no," you say. Because its awkward talkin face to face with him. The way to do this is simply not to give too much information in your texts. You must leave her wanting more and thinking about you enough to reach out. Otherwise, you might end up losing them forever.

But if you and your ex texted regularly and everything up until this point hasn’t worked for you, then text your ex back is. I’d say overall it will take a total of 4-6 months from the beginning of no contact til the time you get back together. Well, you better the review of. Basically text your ex back system is not only a text messaging advice, it's also an all-inclusive tutorial that covers many romantic relationship situations, providing you with the specific ways you require with a purpose to achieve success in a romantic relationship. Call me when you see this. Text your ex back programwhich goal is teaching men and women how to get back the person they love through text. When she sees you in person and notices that you really have changed, she will then begin to drop her guard, allow herself to feel attracted to you and she will then begin to reconnect with the love that once felt for you. It's own character and it's own personality. He said it was nice to hear from me first. 0, eliminate the worst, and you have content 2.

’ and ‘why hasn’t he responded. If you want to be actual lovers, make sure he knows you're alive. Following are the bonus products you get-. The best and worst in people can actually be brought out by break ups. Well it's a lot harder to tell.

We were just dating at the time. Lets move on to the other type of funny text that you can send.

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